The WU Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology will draw new investigators towards pediatric kidney disease through a series of opportunities. We will competitively award annual pilot projects that will access and use the resources from our research cores. Young trainees will avail of a summer scholars program that will allow them to learn research techniques, participate in a research project, and learn more about kidney disease in children. These initiates will be supplemented by an annual research symposium and a regular visiting lecture series.

Chart visualizing PCEN's educational goals: promoting early career engagement, train investigators in new techniques and fostering innovative collaborations.  Achieved via a variety of collaborations with other centers, recruitment and educational programs.
PCEN’s educational goals actualized via a variety of collaborations with other centers, recruitment and educational programs.


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Pilot & Feasibility Program (PFP)

The Pilot and Feasibility program encourages young and established investigators to undertake research relevant to kidney development, engineering and disease multiomics to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge that can be applied to treatment of children with renal and urological diseases and engineer devices to replenish kidney function.

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Summer Scholars

A summer research series for select undergraduates/medical students to perform research in PCEN members’ laboratories/clinical service, and in affiliated labs that will be enhanced by dedicated lectures and discussions with clinical and research faculty across various aspects of kidney development, engineering and disease.

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Visiting lecture series

The PCEN Visiting Lecturer series features leading experts in pediatric nephrology and single cell studies.