Visiting lecture series

The PCEN Visiting Lecturer series features leading experts in pediatric nephrology and single cell studies.

Upcoming lectures

Intro to kidney consortiaSanjay Jain, MD, PhD
Introduction to R (data manipulation and basic visualization) Madhurima Kaushal
Why and how does the kidney and lower urinary tract maldevelopsSanjay Jain, MD, PhD
Single-cell data analysis in R Madhurima Kaushal
Hands on experience with Kidney Disease Specimens –  LabSanjay Jain, MD, PhD
Approach of the clinical team to take care of children with AKI, CKD, malformationMichael Rauchman, MDCM
Role of a Pathologist in taking care of kidney patientsJoseph P. Gaut, MD, PhD
Obtaining, processing and preserving tissue samples for researchGloria Pryhuber, MD
Kidney transplant overviewVikas Dharnidharka, MD, MPH
Spatial TranscriptomicsMichael T. Eadon, MD
Preterm care, neonatology, NICUGloria Pryhuber, MD
Disparities in kidney diseaseMichael T. Eadon, MD
Research, or kidney resources available and how to use themTBD